The directions below are for an iPhone but they are very similar for an Android

1.1 Access the Apple App Store

ap1Click the app store button on your phone

On the bottom of the screen select the magnifying glass to search for TRANSFLO Mobile+.









ap2Search for TRANSFLO Mobile+

Select the TRANSFLO Mobile+ application to download









ap3On the right side of the TRANSFLO Mobile+ icon, it will either say “GET” or the cloud symbol to download

Either click “GET” or the download cloud to get TRANSFLO Mobile+

Once the app has been downloaded, select “OPEN”








ap4Select “OPEN to launch the application

Then begin the Registration process










1.2 Register Mobile Application

ap5Select Begin Registration to register yourself as a user of the application










ap6Review the End User License Agreement (EULA) and click the Accept button to move forward.

Clicking Disagree will terminate the registration process








ap7Complete the registration process by completing the following fields:

Recipient ID: ANJL (Andrus)

Email: email address associated with the phone

First Name: End user first name

Last Name: End User last name

Phone: end user phone number for the device





ap8Once the registration fields have been completed, select Next in the top right corner.










ap9If you agree to add the selected recipient / fleet, click proceed

The next step will be to complete carrier specific registration information









ap10Complete carrier specific registration data

Enter valid driver ID (Validating against Driver Master table)

Once the carrier registration fields have been entered, click DONE and select NEXT in the top right corner.








ap11Select Submit Registration to validate fleet registration process










ap12You will receive an email from titled TRANSFLO Mobile+ Activation

This would be the email that was used to register the mobile device

In the email, please click on the following link to activate your account.

Activate My TRANSFLO Mobile+ Installation







If you are having problems you can call



1. Notifications like new load and ordered comments
2. Message board. Where you can send and receive messages as if you were on your trucks Qualcomm
3. Scan Documents
4. Shows loads in their current status: Preplaned, Accepted and Completed.
5. Accessed images of your check stubs and recap sheets.


app 6





















6. If you have problems with your connection you can reestablish your connection by.

Select Account Settings from the bottom of the mobile application

Select Recipient from the profile section

Select the Recipient to edit

Click EDIT in the top right corner