Equipment safety and comfort is a primary factor

Our Mission

Andrus Transportation is an established, profitable, and growing regional transportation employer that is in business today due to the sacrifice, vision, and entrepreneurial spirit of twin brothers Jim and Bill Andrus.

We seek to continue that legacy by providing a great quality of life through meeting, or exceeding the needs of local and national companies, vendors, and employees with integrity, personal attention, and proactive communication.

We believe excellent service comes through cultivating a team where each person has the opportunity to develop their highest personal potential.

Andrus Transportation is committed to the highest level of safety for its people, the public, and our responsibility to the environment in the communities and in partnership with the customers we serve.

Grandpa Jim and his Grocery Truck
Grandpa Jim in front of his mobile grocery truck in St. George, UT, 1940s.

A History of Achievement

In 1970, Jim Andrus and his wife, Mary, got into the trucking business in Mesquite, Nevada. Jim bought an old truck with a crushed-in cab with an engine that worked. As the business grew, Jim added a few trucks, and in addition to a separate fertilizer business, he started hauling hay cubes to California. Jim then built an office under the carport of his house and launched a crew of dispatchers, customer service representatives and accounting personnel. The business quickly grew to about 17 employees. Eventually the office became so overcrowded that Andrus Transportation moved to a larger yard for the trucks to park. A trailer was brought onto the property to house the office staff and a shop was built to repair the growing fleet of Andrus trucks.

In 1986, Jim’s brother, Bill Andrus, who had been driving truck for many years, became a business partner. Andrus Transportation moved the corporate office in 1988 to St. George, Utah and a repair shop was established a few miles away. Today, Andrus Transportation Services boasts a mThe company that started out as a local produce service now specializes in delivering van freight. Headquartered in St. George, UT, Andrus has additional terminals located in Fontana CA, Dallas TX, and Salt Lake City, UT and drop yards in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Denver, Northern CA, Reno, Portland, and Seattle.
While licensed in all 48 states, Andrus Transportation Services does most of its business in the 11-western states. The company has kept pace with the latest technology advancements in the trucking industry, including Qualcomm communication and tracking devices in every tractor and GPS tracking devices on over 75 percent of our trailers.

A New Era at Andrus Transportation

Jimmy Andrus in a truck
Jimmy Andrus, President of Andrus Transportation Services, is a driver himself.

In October 2010, James R. Andrus (Jimmy), one of Jim and Mary’s children, was promoted to President of Andrus Transportation. Jimmy came up through the business and has held many key positions of responsibility over the years. These positions and responsibilities prepared Jimmy well for his role as President. Tav Andrus (one of Bill and Cloella’s sons) was promoted to Vice President of Maintenance at the same time. Tav also came up through the business and worked closely with his dad, Bill, in overseeing Andrus maintenance. Tav is now responsible for all Andrus maintenance shops and personnel. In keeping with the legacy established by Jim & Bill, Andrus Transportation continues to be actively involved in the industry and the community. Jimmy served as President of SUTA (Southern Utah Trucking Association) and is currently one of the officers of UTA (Utah Trucking Association).”

Jim and Mary are enjoying their well-earned retirement and are currently serving their 2nd mission for the LDS church.

In Memoriam

In April, 2011, Bill Andrus passed away after a lingering illness. Bill was known and loved by many in the St. George, UT and Mesquite, NV areas. Bill was a pillar in the St. George community as well as the trucking community and will be greatly missed. Cloella Andrus (Bill’s wife) continues to work at our St. George shop.odern fleet of 320 tractors and 800 trailers.